Takeaway Menu

Papadom 0.70
Rangeen Capsicum 3.95
Filled with small pieces of chicken  
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka 3.25
Tandoori Chicken 3.25
Mixed Kebab 3.75
with sheekh kebab, chicken tikka & lamb tikka  
Sheekh kebab 3.25
Shami kebab 3.25
Rashmi Kebab 3.25
Sylheti Special Mix Kebab 4.95
Pieces of Chicken/Lamb, Tikka , Sheekh Kebab, Meat Samosa  
King Prawn Puree 4.95
King Prawn Suka 3.95
King Prawn Butterfly 4.50
Prawn Puree 3.95
Chicken Chaat Puree 3.75
Chicken Pakora 2.95
Chicken Bhajee 3.25
Naazakati 3.25
Duck Pura 3.95
Onion Bhajee 2.95
Aloo Keema 3.25
Mice Meat  
Samosa 2.95
Meat / Vegetable  
Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori Chicken - Half 5.75
Chicken or Lamp Tikka 5.75
Hash Pura Shaslik  8.50
Duck with grilled peppers,onion & tomatoes  
Shaslik 7.50
Chicken or Lamp  
Tandoori Mixed Grill 8.50
Server with naan  
King Prawn Shaslik 10.50
Tandoori King Prawn 8.95
Fish Tikka 7.50
Server with naan  
Sheekh Kebab 5.75
Lamb Chops 6.95
Spring lamb chops, with Greek style yoghurt  
Specail Thalis
Sylethi Special Thali  - One Person 14.95
Chicken tikka bhuna, Chicken tikka masala, mushroom bhajee, niramish is ver dry , pillau rice, naan bread, onion bhaji
Non vegetable Thali - One Person 13.95
Vegetable Thali - One Person 12.95
Medium hot aloo gobi, chana bhajee , saag , tarkha dhal , pillau rice and naan  
Set Meals
Set Meal for ONE 12.95    
Chicken tikka (Starter), Chicken korma, Bombay potato, pillau rice & 1 papadom      
Set Meal for TWO 22.95    
Chicken tikka & onion bhajee (starter), Chicken tikka masala,Lamb bhuna, bombay potato,Mushroom bhajee, pillau rice, meshroom rice, Nan & 2 Papadoms
Chef's recommendations
Akbaari Chicken/Lamb 6.95  
Cooked with mixed fruit in a creamy sauce    
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Rezaala 6.95  
Cooked with tomatoes, onions and green peppers, fairly dry dish with medium spice.    
Tandoori Chicken Razala 6.95  
Chicken /Lamb Moglai 6.50  
A beautiful curry of mid creamy taste,nicely flavoured with a varitety of spices including almond,coconut powder, cream,sliced almond, sultanas and egg
King Prawn Moglai 8.50  
Sylethi Mixed Moglai 7.50  
With Chicken , meat & prawn    
Emley Lamb 6.95  
with Tamarind    
Chef's Specialities
Chicken Makanwala 6.95
Cooked in a very rich creamy sauce with honey and sliced almonds  
Chicken Mulie Sizzler 6.95
Spring chicken off the bone, grilled and cooked in a sauce with tomatoes and butter  
Chicken or Lamb tikka Bhuna 6.95
Very tender lamb or chicken, marinated with medium spices cooked in a special sauce, fairy dry  
Tandoori King Prawn Bhuna 9.50
Chicken or Lamb Jalfreizi 5.95
Chicken or Lamb Chilli Masala 6.50
Cooked in our special masala sauce with chilles  
Buttr Chicken /Lamb 6.95
Cooked with butter & Cream , sweet in taste  
Chicken Guldubah 6.95
Cooked with medium sauce, very tasty with green  peppers and onion  
Naga Mirch Masala 6.95
Fairly Hot , cooked using special chillies only found in bangladesh, an aromatic dish with peppers and onions
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Naga 6.95
Chicken tikka kema Bhuna 6.95
Chicken cooked with mice meat in a vhuna sauce  
Morghi Masala 6.95
Piece of tandoori cooked with mince meat and boiled egg  
Al Karishma 9.50
Lamb cooked with chef's own secret recipe, marinated for 24 hours roasted in  the oven  
Achari Chicken /Lamb 6.95
Garlic and exotic herbal spice  
Masala Dishes
Chicken /Lamb tikka masala 6.50
tandoori King Prawn Masala  
Sylheti Special Mix Masala  7.95
with chicken , Lamb & Prawn   
Hash Oura Masala 7.95
Fish Tikka Masala 8.95
Lamb chops masala 7.95
Tandoori chicken masala 6.50
Makani Dishes
Mild & cream cooked in ground nuts with pure butter  
Chicken tikka makani  6.50
Prawn Makani 6.50/td>
Tandoori King Prawn Makari 9.50
Pasanda Dishes
Mild creamy dish cooked with sliced almond and sultanas  
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Pasanda 6.50
Tandoori King Prawn Pasanda 9.50
Vegetable Pasanda 5.50
Baddow Specail Balti Dishes
All the dishes comes with a nan  
Balti Chicken /Lamb Tikka Jalfreizi 8.25
Balti Chicken Tikka Chilli Masala - Fairy Hot 8.25
Balti Chicken Tikka Masala 8.25
Balti Special Mixed Jalfreizi - Fairly Hot 9.95
Cooked with chicken, meat and prawn   
Balti Chicken/Lamb 8.25
Balti Chicken /Lamb Tikka Dupiaza 8.25
Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka Khoray 8.25
Balti Chicken or Lamb Tikka Naga 8.25
Balti Chicken/Lamb Tikka Saag 8.25
Balti Chicken/Lamb garlic 8.25
Balti Vegetable Khori 6.95
Balti Tandoori King Prawn Jalfreizi 9.95
Balti Tandoori King Prawn Khoray  9.95
Balti Prawn 8.25
Kurma Dishes
A very mild and creamy curry  
Chicken/Lamb Kurma 5.25
Prawn Kurma 5.50
King Prawn Kurma 7.95
Vegetable  Kurma 4.10
Malaya Dishes
Mild curry cooked with prneapple and cream  
Chicken /Lamb Malaya 5.25
King Prawn Malaya  7.95
Vegetable Malaya 4.10
Rogan Dishes
Medium hot with tomatoes and onlins  
Chicken/Lamb Rogan 5.25
Prawn Rogan  5.50
King Prawn Rogan 7.95
Pathia Dishes
Hot curry sweet and sour in taste cooked with tamarind  
Chicken/Lamb Pathia 5.25
King Prawn Pathia 7.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Pathia 6.50
Bhuna Dishes
Bhuna Dishes are cooked with tomatoes, green peppers and coriander and another very tasty curry medium hot in thick sauce.
Chicken/Lamb Bhuna 5.25
Prawn Bhuna 5.50
King Prawn Bhuna 7.95
Vegetable Bhuna 4.10
Ceylon Dishes
Yet Another curry of rather hot taste with good amount of black pepper , chilli cocount and a touch of lemon juice.
Chicken/Lamb Ceylon 5.25
Prawn Ceylon 5.50
King Prawn Ceylon 7.95
Dansak Dishes
These persian dishes are made with lentils and is sweet, soure and hot  
Chicken/Lamb Dansak 5.25
Prawn Dansak 5.50
Kings Prawn Dansak 7.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Dansak 5.95
Curry Dishes
Medium hot Dish cooked the Classical way  
Chicken/Lam Curry  4.95
Prawn Curry  5.25
King Prawn Curry  7.95
Madras Dishes
Fairly hot dish  
Chicken/Lam Madras 4.95
Prawn Madras 5.50
King Prawn Madras 7.95
Vindaloo Dishes
Chicken/Lamb vindaloo 5.25
Prawn Vindaloo 5.50
King Prawn Vindaloo 7.95
Kashmir Dishes
Mild creamy dish cooked with bananas & lychees  
Chicken/Lamb Kashmir 5.25
Prawn Kashmir 5.50
King Prawn Kashmir 7.95
Vegetable Kashmir 3.95
SaaG Dishes - Spinach
Saag Chicken/Lamb 5.95
Saag Prawn 6.25
Saag King Prawn 7.95
Garlic Dishes
Chicken/Lamb Garlic 5.95
Prawn Garlic 6.50
King Prawn Garlic 7.95
Garlic Chilli Tikka 6.50
Garlic tandoor chicken  6.50
Dupiaza Dishes
Chicken/Lamb Dupiaza 5.2.50
Prawn Dupiaza 5.50
King Prawn Dupiaza 7.95
Biriani Dishes
Biriani are complete meals, the principle ingredients are mixed with spices and herbs, served with vegetable curry western style.
chicken/Lamb Biriani 7.50
Prawn Biraini 7.70
King Prawn Biriani 8.95
chicken/Lamb Tikka Biriani 7.95
vegetable Biriani 6.50
Mushroom Biriani 6.50
Chef's Special Biriani 8.50
with Egg and spinach  
Side Vegetable Dishes
Vegetable Curry 2.95
Bombay Potatoes 2.95
Mushroom Bhajee 2.95
Sage Bhajee - Spinach 2.95
Bindi Bhajee - Okra 2.95
Cauliflower Bhajee 2.95
Saag Aloo - Spinach & potato 2.75
Kabuli Chana - Chickpeas 2.95
Aloo Gobi - Aubergine 2.95
Brinjal Bhaji - Aubergine 2.95
Chana Ponir 2.95
Mushroom Ponir 2.95
Sesame Courgette 2.95
Cauliflower pumpkin 2.95
Aloo Chana 2.95
Saag Ponir 2.95
Plain Rice 2.50
Pillau Rice 2.70
Special Fried Rice  2.95
Mushroom Rice 2.95
Keema Rice 3.50
Egg Fried Rice 2.95
Coconut Rice 3.50
Lemon Rice 2.95
Garlic Chicken Rice 3.50
Garlic Rice 2.95
Prawn Rice 3.50
Plain nan 2.10
Keema Nan 2.40
Pashwaari nan 2.40
Garlic nan 2.40
Vegetable nan 2.40
Tikka nan 2.40
Chilli nan 2.40
Cheese Nan 2.40
Stuffed Paratha 2.50
Paratha 2.20
Chapati 1.70
Chips 2.00
Mixed Raitha 1.50
Pickles 0.700
Mango chutney,mint sauce ,onion saled, mixed pickle.